Comment Video analysis of shoulder dislocations in rugby

In this paper we analysed the mechanism of injury sustained by rugby players. We sourced videos involving elite rugby players.We identified 4 distinct injury mechanisms. The previously described mechanisms ‘‘try scorer,’’ ‘‘tackler,’’ and ‘‘direct impact’’ were identified in 67% of cases. We describe a new injury mechanism occurring in the ‘‘poach position,’’ accounting for 18% of all shoulder dislocations studied. The remaining 15% could not be categorized. Shoulder dislocations occurred to a ball carrier in 15% of cases (n = 6) and a non–ball carrier in 85% of cases (n = 33). The injury most commonly occurred during a tackle (49%; n = 19) followed by ruck/maul (26%; n = 10). Time of injury showed that 36% (n = 14) of cases occurred in the last quarter of the game.

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