Hannan Mullet


Comment Video analysis of shoulder dislocations in rugby

In this paper we analysed the mechanism of injury sustained by rugby players. We sourced videos involving elite rugby players.We identified 4 distinct injury mechanisms. The previously described mechanisms ‘‘try scorer,’’ ‘‘tackler,’’ and ‘‘direct impact’’ were identified in 67% of cases. We describe a new injury mechanism occurring in the ‘‘poach position,’’ accounting for 18% of all shoulder dislocations studied.
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Comment Outcomes following Arthrocscopic Bankart Repair in Females

In this study we looked at 34 shoulders of female patients we had operated on .Female patients with anterior shoulder instability treated with arthroscopic Bankart repair have low recurrence rates, with good patient-reported outcomes and high satisfaction rates. Of those participating in sport prior to surgery, there was a high rate of return to play. The overall rate of complications was low, with a low rate of revision surgery

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Comment Operative Treatment of Anterior Shoulder Instability

Our network meta-analysis found the open Latarjet procedure had the lowest recurrence rates, lowest revisions rates, and highest rates of return to play in the surgical treatment of anterior shoulder instability. However, the Latarjet procedure has been shown to result in a higher complication rate, which needs to be considered when decid- ing which stabilization procedure to perform.

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Comment long term outcomes arthroscopic bankart 10 years

In this review of 9 studies including 822 patients we looked at the long term results of arthroscopic (keyhole surgery) repair of shoulder instability. The reults showed good return to function and sport but there was a significant rate of recurrent dislocation requiring further surgery. We recommend arthroscopic surgery in patients who do not have significant bone damage and in this group the results are very good in our experience .

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